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What are the thick blister products? Where are the applications?

Time:2022-04-07     Author:YangZhiGuang【Original】

  Thick slices blister adopts fully automatic high-speed blister molding machine,pull sheet into the electric oven heated to softening,strike again to the blister mould,mould head,pumping air into vacuum state,will soften sheet adsorption in the surface of die,die surface spraying cooling water at the same time,make the die head sclerosis,die head and then automatically to the storage container,pneumatic cutter will die and forming sheet separation,Complete the molding process.

  Note:the thick sheet blister production process is to fix the plastic sheet on the mold,heat both ends until soft,and then use a vacuum pump to suck the air between the material and the mold,so that the softened plastic sheet is absorbed on the mold,and blow back after cooling,so that the product is demoulded.

Thick sheet blister product

  Production advantages:

  Low cost,thick sheet blister material for plastic,in addition to paper packaging,far lower than other processing technology price;

  A wide range of materials,available plastic sheet HDPE,ABS,HIPS,PET,PC,PP and other composite materials;

  Do not waste,in the thick sheet plastic production process need to material processing of plate or semi-finished products,so that there will be some scraps,scraps can be crushed into plastic sheet.

  Production uses:

  Thick sheet blister products are widely used in medical equipment,food equipment,instrument shell,electrical shell,car body jacket,pet disk,advertising light box,lighting,refrigerator industry,air conditioning industry and household appliances accessories.

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