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What standards must medical device boxes meet?

Time:2022-04-08     Author:YangZhiGuang【Original】

  Medical device packaging box is specially used to hold some medical products,for the hygiene requirements are very strict.The first standard to achieve is asepsis,used for the production of packaging material itself to choose non-toxic asepsis,stable nature,it and the packaging of the product will not occur between any reaction.

  Further disinfection and sterilization in the process of production,the use of vacuum packaging or sealed packaging method to package the product.Ensure the formation of a sealed sterile medical device packaging system.Quality tests and tests are carried out to determine the shelf life of these products before they are sold,and then clearly written on the box to ensure that the products are qualified,packaged and sold within the shelf life.

Medical device packaging box

  The design of the product is based on the characteristics of the medical product to be loaded,such as the choice of color of the box.Some medical supplies cannot receive light and are prone to aging.So to design the outer packaging into an opaque appearance,you can choose paper opaque material.Medical device boxes are manufactured to a customized standard.The size of the box should be the same as that of the medical item.If the box is close to the product,the medical item may be damaged due to collision during transportation.

  Boxes that are too big also cause damage and waste a lot of material.The box should also meet the following standards,in normal environment storage properties are very stable,high temperature and some drug corrosion resistance.Now the hospital has a lot of instruments used for radioactive examination,in some radiology departments and other special radiation environment storage,but also need to reach the standard of radiation resistance.

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