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Plastic case for lampshade of light box

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  • 灯箱灯罩


Light box lampshade is produced by blister process, can be customized according to user requirements.  


Size requirements: product size can be customized in strict accordance with customer requirements;  


Material requirements: according to the material required by the customer to make (generally optional material: ABS;  HIPS;  PC;  PETG.  HDPE;  PMMA;  ABS + PMMA;  ABS, etc.);  


Thickness requirements: 1-10mm thickness can be any choice;  


Product surface requirements: can be made of high brightness, ordinary brightness, leather lines (there are several leather lines can be made);  



Color requirements: according to the samples provided by customers for color matching;  Color matching can be carried out according to the color number provided by customers;  Any color can be selected;  


For subsequent processing of products, can provide: silk screen printing, oil spraying, stickers, assembly and a series of processing;  


The difference between plastic blister and injection molding: plastic blister processing technology compared with injection molding process, not only the mold cost is low, and the production cycle is short, but also for the product in the research and development period and growth period of the user to solve the problem of high production cost caused by small production batch, rapid product replacement.  

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