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Group 5 jinsha Village, Pinghu City, Jiaxing City

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Pinghu Yang Light packaging Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is a blister products development, design, processing, production, sales and quality services as one of the blister packaging enterprises.  

Main Products:  

For the national and overseas customers to customize high-quality blister box, blister tray, blister shell, disposable plastic cups and bowls, all kinds of color printing non-color printing plastic box folding box, widely used in food, medicine, electronics, automobile, electrical appliances, clothing, warehousing logistics, health and other industries.  

Pinghu Yangguang packaging products Co., Ltd. is located in Pinghu City, Zhejiang province, about 1km away from Jinshan District of Shanghai, and about an hour's drive from Shanghai hongqiao and Pudong international airports, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and Shanghai international Shipping Center.  The company has a standard dust-free workshop and international advanced automatic large-scale blister machine 10.  

Four reasons to choose us!  

1. Many years of experience in blister industry, strong strength.  Specializing in the production of all kinds of blister tray, shell, packaging box, inner bracket and other blister products!  

2. Advanced production equipment, fast supply.  The introduction of international advanced automatic production equipment 15 sets, more than 100 employees, to ensure the delivery speed!  

3. Standard dust-free workshop, strict quality control, more reliable quality, products are exported to all over the world!  

4. Customer-centric, to provide the best quality service, free proofing, satisfaction and order again!  


1. certification

Through ISO9001 quality system, QS certificate, one hundred thousand dust-free workshop testing, radiation testing report and other system certification.

3. equipment

Advanced production equipment: 6 full-automatic high-speed blistering machines, 3 full-automatic thick sheet blistering machines, 2 three-station positive and negative pressure full-automatic blistering machines, etc., with strong production capacity and fast supply speed!  

2. experience

20 years experience in blister industry, strong strength.  Specializing in the production of customized all kinds of blister trays, shells, packaging boxes, inner brackets and other blister products!  The whole process of quality inspection, to ensure that each product excellence.  

4. Service

24-hour service, provide one-stop technical support, professional customer service team for your wholehearted service, will be timely processing of customer needs, ensure that each customer demand can be timely response, completely solve your worries!  



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Sales address:Group 5, Jinsha village, Pinghu City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

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