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Large thick sheet blister processing is rapidly being applied to various fields

Time:2023-04-06     Author:YangZhiGuang【Original】

  The principle of large thick sheet blister is similar to that of thin sheet blister.Its principle is to heat the positioned plate to the softening state,and then form a closed space with the periphery of the blister mold.The air in the mold cavity is instantly pumped away,and the plate is closely attached to the surface of the mold,and the process of cooling and forming products is obtained.In the current development of plastic industry,the use of large thick sheet blister is expanding.The current thick sheet blister technology is more and more mature,the thickness can be formed is more and more large.In addition,the blister mold opening time is very short(more complex mold only need about 15 days),the so-called thick sheet blister is a large size can be formed at a time,the appearance is more complex,size requirements are not accurate plastic products,and can replace injection molding,glass fiber reinforced plastic,metal shell and so on blister processing technology.

  Large thick sheet plastic application industry:

  1,automotive industry,including car dashboard,axle outer panel,interior decoration board,sound insulation board,body cover and many other automotive parts;

Large thick plastic processing

  2,electronic appliances,electrical shell advertising light box,air conditioning,refrigerators and household appliances accessories;

  3,mechanical equipment,medical equipment,food equipment,instrument shell and other heavy machinery parts;

  4,other aspects,sanitary ware(wash basin,bathtub),building materials industry,sports and entertainment products,etc.

  With the rapid development of economy,domestic large thick sheet blister is also developing rapidly,and will continue to improve with the help of foreign technology.Especially in today's rapid development of electric vehicles,energy saving,lightweight,diverse styles,the development and application of thick plastic parts gradually increase,the use of plastic parts of the potential market continues to expand.

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