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The four major production processes of blister products

Time:2022-04-11     Author:YangZhiGuang【Original】

  There are many kinds of blister products on the market.Have you found them?In fact,when we buy headphones,the tray for placing headphones is actually made by blister process.This kind of product is very light in weight,and the price is very cheap,the input cost is relatively low,so we often see it in our life.The following by blister manufacturers to introduce its production process.


  The process begins when the merchant receives a request from the user.Using a mold,add a certain number of products for production,this process is called mold.It can be mainly divided into three kinds,gypsum mold is mainly used for proofing,copper mold and iron mold time is relatively long,users can choose according to their own needs.



  Second,the pull

  It is a process in which a material is heated and shaped by a blister.Different materials and thickness of production requirements are also different,manufacturers will decide according to the actual situation.


  It is to put the product on the punch into a product.

  Four,frilled edge

  To fold over the edges of the blister product,use the appropriate equipment to complete.

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