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What are the characteristics of high quality thick plate blister? -- Thick sheet blister manufacturer

Time:2022-04-08     Author:YangZhiGuang【Original】

  Thick plate blister process:plastic sheet-cutting-sheet fixed-heating-forming-demoulding-cutting edge-finished product

  Thickness of blister plate:

  A,ordinary thin plastic thickness of 14C~50C──is mainly used PVC,PP,PS(HIPS),PET(including APET and PETG),PE,BOPS and other materials and effects of folding,folding,three folding,cylinder,folding box,world box,high cycle and other non-thermal forming plastic products,Widely used in food,medicine,electronics,toys,daily necessities,cosmetics and mechanical hardware and other industries.

Thick sheet blister manufacturer

  Two,special thick plastic thickness of 14C~100C──mainly using PVC,PP,PS(HIPS),PET(including APET and PETG),ABS,PC,PE and PMMA and other materials,The main products are medical equipment shell,refrigerator inner,advertising light boxes,product display,pet cage,chassis,after the rear projection TV shell,and a variety of mechanical panels,etc.,can replace injection products,has low mould cost(only 1/20 of the injection mold),short production cycle,mould development time is short(generally only 3~5 days),etc.

  Blister packaging products choose flat light of koyo blister manufacturer,more than 20 years of production experience,for the national and overseas customers to customize a variety of blister products,can produce ABS/HDPE/PC/PP/PS/PET/PVC and composite materials,widely used in car/medicine/electronic/warehousing logistics equipment/instrument of the shell and other industries.Free to provide the latest quotation,consultation 13636688836

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