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Professional vacuum forming manufacturer with 20 years of experience. Customized packaging tray in various plastic materials, just contact us for more details!  Waiting for your inquiries!

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Custom PC cylinder block transport tray by vacuum form

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Flat light of koyo packing products co., LTD focus on blister products production for many years, is a collection of blister products development, design, processing, production, sales and service as one of the blister packaging enterprises, for national and overseas customer custom quality blister, blister tray, blister shell, disposable plastic cups, bowls, various color printing of color printing plastic box folding box, etc.,  Provide perfect product packaging solutions.  Widely used in automobile, medicine, electronics, toys, electrical appliances, clothing, warehousing logistics, health and other industries.  


Thick sheet blister features: space saving, no pollution, small size, durable, recycling and other advantages.  Its material has HDPE, ABS, HIPS, PET, PC, PP and other composite materials.  



Four reasons to choose us!  


1. Twenty years of experience in blister industry with strong strength.  Specializing in the production of all kinds of blister tray, shell, packaging box, inner bracket and other blister products!  


2. Advanced production equipment, fast supply.  The introduction of international advanced automatic production equipment 15 sets, more than 100 employees, to ensure the delivery speed!  


3. Standard dust-free workshop, strict quality control, more reliable quality, products are exported to all over the world!  


4. Customer-centric, to provide the best quality service, free proofing, satisfaction and order again!  

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