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What are the main uses of thick sheet blister?

Time:2022-04-07     Author:阳之光【Original】

  Thick sheet blister features:space saving,no pollution,small size,durable,recycling and other advantages.Its material has HDPE,ABS,HIPS,PET,PC,PP and other composite materials.

  Thick sheet blister is suitable for all kinds of auto parts pallet,logistics turnover pallet,all kinds of auto parts hardware turnover,logistics turnover,medical equipment shell,mechanical shell and other industries.

  Thick sheet blister tray is widely used in auto parts turnover(nine-foot tray+partition+cover plate composition),casting parts turnover,hardware accessories turnover,logistics turnover and other industries.

Thick slices blister

  Thick sheet blistering is the use of 2mm~10mm thickness of the plate or sheet,through vacuum negative pressure,heat softened sheet or sheet adsorption on the surface of the mold,so that it is basically consistent with the mold,plastic shape.

  Then,through a plate cutter,die cutter,stamping,or a variety of trimming machines,the excess blanking is removed to form the desired final shape.

  This process has the advantages of low mold cost,short production period and short mold development time.Greatly reduce the product cost and development cycle.According to customer requirements to produce a variety of specifications and sizes of products,enough to ensure your product assembly accuracy.

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